The seed for The Borderline Genius Apparel Co. was planted in the summer of 1993 when the founder designed his first custom t-shirt for a group of neighborhood friends.  Naturally, One-of Hats soon followed after he was never able to locate his favorite college team.  

It wasn’t until July 4, 2013 (two decades later) that the brand formally came in to fruition and released their first professional graphic t-shirt design.  A portion of the proceeds from that design was given to the family of a comrade who was suddenly unable to provide for them. 

The BGA Co. is a lifestyle brand deeply rooted in the great state of teas embodying exclusivity, inspired by a generation that prefers to live life by their own set of rules.  Our vision is to create timeless, exclusive apparel in that every piece is limited to keep the integrity of the brand.  Our style embodies simple & clean designs that will be relevant in years to come. 

As the company continues to strengthen & build we sincerely appreciate everyone who has supported the BGA Co. brand.  Remember…stay focused on your goals, never depart from who you are and be relentless in pursuing your dreams!